The testimony of some Parents

June 7, 2012
To Future Parents considering Kathy’s Day Care
It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Kathy’s Day Care to you. Kathy’s Day Care is owned and operated by the Pilavian Family and was established in 1989. Kathy’s is a full service day care center run out of their family home. 
Before finding Kathy’s, our two-year-old son spent 4 months at a corporate day care center. There, we found sweet yet inexperienced “teachers” and a less than healthy kids menu. We thought this was par for the course when it came to affordable day care, and so we stuck with it. When our son entered a biting phase we learned that the center was dominated by a dismissive, uncaring, and unreasonable director. We met with the director on several occasions and found that she was neither concerned about righting the behavior, nor working with us parents or her staff to help our son grow out of this phase. She was only worried about taking the easy way out and her blanket policy was call the parents and have the child removed if there was any issue what-so-ever.  Runny nose? Come get your child. Cough? Come get your child. Not sharing? Come get your child. Biting? Come get your child and you better fix this situation or you will be kicked out! 
Her plan for fixing the issue was to call us to pick up our son anytime there was even remotely an issue (we got called in on several occasions because he had “opened his mouth like he was going to try biting”). 
Once it became clear that “care” meant only “watching” we became concerned about the attention he was getting and decided that something had to change. 
We quickly began searching for new day care centers, since both my husband and I work full time, commuting 20 miles in opposite directions from our home. We wanted to make sure our son had a quality early child care experience, and that he could receive CARE that was both educational and nurturing. We also wanted to find a place that offered infant care, as I was 5 months pregnant with our second son. As we narrowed down the list of affordable day care centers, we continually felt like we were sacrificing one important issue or another: quality teachers, continuity with care-givers, social/emotional environment, facility cleanliness, meal plan/healthy food options, price… the list went on. There was always something the centers were lacking.
Then we visited Kathy’s Day Care!!! Upon arriving, somewhat un-announced, we were greeted with friendly and inviting smiles and the wonderful smell of freshly baked croissant rolls (which I soon found out were for the children! Kathy cooks fantastic fresh food for the kids and makes a point of preparing special treats all the time). I was first introduced to “Mr. Ken” who is the intelligent, multi-lingual, patriarch of the family, who runs the business end of the day care. He was professional, thorough and detail-oriented. He answered ALL of my questions effortlessly and I could sense that he was truly proud of his establishment. I appreciated his time and his patience, and was very excited when he invited my son and I to join the group of kids during playtime. At this point I met Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Arlin, the certified and licensed preschool instructors, who are a Mother-Daughter team in caring, nurturing and teaching the children. I was shocked to learn that each family member spoke at least 3 different languages! This was a HUGE plus, being a bilingual parent committed to rearing bilingual children.
At playtime, I was surprised to see a range of different-aged children playing together, as I had only experienced serious age-segregation in the corporate day care center. My creeping concerns were immediately erased when a boy of 5 years old came over, introduced himself to my son and me, and asked my son if he wanted to come read a book with him. My son obliged and they sat down together in the middle of the playroom to read a book. At that moment, Mr. Ken explained that at Kathy’s they believe in teaching children to behave in a family, and teach them this by example. I was sold!
After barely a year at Kathy’s, my son (now 3) has learned his ABCs, numbers and counting, letter recognition and tracing, shapes and colors in BOTH English and Spanish!!! And regarding my son’s nasty biting habit? It disappeared within a few weeks. Ken, Kathy and Arlin had experience in helping young children learn to use their words and describe their emotions. They also took a very different approach to correcting the behavior.  While acknowledging that it was inappropriate, they took time to offer my son new, 2-year-old friendly ways to cope and communicate with his playmates. I was and continue to be astonished by the great skills they have taught my son, and by the supportive and endless care they continue to give him.
When our second son was 3 months old, we began taking him to Kathy’s as well. Having a separate room for infants, with specialized personal care by Ms. Kathy, I never worried about whether my little one was in good hands. My younger son has thrived for the last 6 months, and he is always happy, fed, and clean when I arrive to pick them up.
My older son is very fond of his little brother, and I truly believe that the family environment at Kathy’s taught him and prepared him to be gentle, caring and playful with his baby brother even before he was born. We are blessed that there has not been any jealousy issues, and I attribute that to the “big brother” training Ms. Arlin gave to my son. She took it upon herself to introduce my older son to pushing a stroller, being careful with little ones, being nice and watching out for them while I was still pregnant. By the time my baby was born he was ready and excited to be a helpful and caring big brother. When my two sons could eventually play on the floor together, I was not worried at all about my older son being careful with the baby.
Kathy’s Day Care, Mr. Ken, Ms. Kathy, Ms. Arlin and all of the other children at the center have become an intricate part of our lives.  I attribute my sons’ growth and excelled development to Kathy’s. I recommend Kathy’s to anyone who is looking for the very best care for his or her child. As I briefly mentioned, the fantastic care offered at Kathy’s comes with a nutritious meal plan, made fresh in home e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y! And, all of this is at a very reasonable and fair price. We could not be happier with Kathy’s.  Were it not for our moving 300 miles away to new careers, I would be 100% committed to keeping my two boys at Kathy’s until they were ready for kindergarten. Even once they were in kindergarten I would sign my children up for the after school care, which they offer as well.  The common quality of character that the older children possess at Kathy’s is remarkable. 
The love and patience provided by the Pilavian Family at Kathy’s makes us realize how lucky we were to have found a place our children could call a home away from home. You will not find well-rounded care like this anywhere else. Believe me, we looked! At Kathy’s your children will receive the type of love and care you would give them, and a head start in education that most parents, including myself, could not have provided. Our older son still has 2 years to go before beginning kindergarten and I am sure that he will be reading and writing by then!
I completely and enthusiastically recommend Kathy’s Day Care for your child, as I am sure you will find the same satisfaction that we have, knowing your child is part of the family at Kathy’s. They will grow to be outstanding individuals, in a safe, clean, and nurturing environment.
With great pleasure,
Marina O. Ziehn, Ph.D.
Department of Neurology
University of California, Los Angeles

On Yelp

Mabell Tonarelli 5/6/2016 I can't thank god enough for this place!!!! My girl goes since she was 1 and now she's 3 and my newborn is already in waiting list!!! Peace of mind is priceless!!! Excellent staff! Excellent educational program!!! Excellent food!! I just love them... What can I say! Arlin & Kathy!! You're the best!

Cheryl Lesley 1/17/2014 I LOVE Kathy's Daycare!  Kathy and Arlin have been taking care of my girls since they 2 yrs and 8 weeks.  They are so loving and really prepare the kids for Kindergarten.  Safety and Lovingness of a Home Daycare but Structure and Learning of a Preschool.  My 5 year old was completely prepared for Kindergarten and already reading!

Sarah Gladstone 1/17/2014 How very lucky I am to have found Kathy's Daycare!  I have two children attending, both under the age of five, and have such peace of mind knowing that they are in the most amazingly wonderful environment. I drive from Thousand Oaks every day and don't even work in the immediate area.  My children come home from their day clean, happy, healthy and educated ! The staff is kind, compassionate and caring and completely approachable. They make you feel like family.  I have the utmost respect for their knowledge and feel that they encourage the children (even at this young age) to "reach for the sky" and that they can aspire to anything they wish. Again, I say, how very lucky I am to have found Kathy's Daycare.  

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